Create an easy-to-use and modern-looking app that would allow users to log their time using the least effort possible, without creating stress and negativity around it. The idea is to provide the feeling that time logging could be done on a daily basis, right after/before every task, making it a tiny part of one’s work routine.

User Persona


Since the user group varies, their age and familiarity with technology makes a huge difference.The experience should be easy for all age groups.

Someone who works with multiple clients and is regularly required to track time spent across multiple projects.

NOTE: In this particular design case, the user's gender, interests, income or personality traits were not taken consideration. For this particular app the user persona is universal, hence the description is generic.


Reflecting the past through present technology.


Many working people need to log their time, either when they come to work by clocking in/out, or by manually entering times themselves using outdated software. That can be boring, time-consuming and something you’d want to postpone for as long as you can.

time logging app hero.png


A universal time logging app, that can be used by any company.  Once configured with all clients and tasks, the app creates a company specific, easy-to-use, fast time logging experience.

Login Experince

I decided to add a liquid-look, amorphous slider that creates a relaxed, satisfying touch, preparing the user for a stress-free experience; the liquid design illustrates the relativity and fluidity of time. 

Primary Settings

The only input controls are checkboxes that indicate that multiple options can be selected. The whole list 

of actions is presented as a one-page scroll, with a search function for convenience.

Logging Time

The process of logging time starts with the calendar where users select the time and date. Then the users chooses the client and task from the list (which is automatically sorted based on their primary choices). The selected task screen uses the composition technique of simplification, leaving only what's necessary.


The colour theme and the visual concept of the app is futuristic, bright and modern to create a fun, vibrant feeling. At the same time it’s simple and minimalistic, allowing the user to focus on the actual function on the app. 


In this particular case, the client company has chosen to represent their employees’ time in 15min slots.

Time scroll bar

I am consistent with the usage of simplification technique, making the process as simple as possible. Just drag!


The way the time slots are presented is based on how the company has configured the app.

Summary Screen & User Profile

After logging time users see the summary, where they can make edits and leave free-form comments. The user profile is easily accessible on every screen by clicking the app logo icon in the top right corner.

When using the app manually, clicking on options and checking boxes, the user might still feel it’s not fast enough.


Connect to AI

User testing proved that 40% of the users said the app had too many clicks and screens. I designed a way to make it more time efficient. That's how the function that would integrate with the device's voice assistant was born. User testing showed that 50% of the users would prefer to use the app through voice assistant.

Future Perspectives

Analytics tab in the user profile could be developed further to provide some quantitive feedback on the user’s work routines. For instance, the average amount of hours spent on a particular client, the variability of tasks per week (to monitor repetitiveness, and redundancy in order to maintain job satisfaction). 

Adding app notifications to remind the user to log time at the end of the day/week/month and synchronising work calendars.