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My superpower: I can come up with an idea for almost anything
My very special superpower: I can use the word very in every single sentence
My favourite movies: Inception and Arrival
My random hobby: fashion modelling
My current goal: learn how to ride a bike on a bicycle lane as a proper adult

Let's make awwwesome  creative stuff



1. Business analysis and research
  • idea validation
  • competitor research
  • preliminary user survey
  • preliminary user interviews
2. Defining User Personas/User Archetypes
3. Creating User Flows

4. Creating Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi wireframes

5. Creating User Interface

  • competitor UI research
  • moodboards
6. MVP Prototypes
7. User testing Round 1
8. Reviews and edits
9. User testing Round 2
10. Design libraries and kits

10. Product goes into development
11. Design QA
12. Collaboration with PR and Marketing
13. Release
14. Future development